Tonight we had our Saturday night game of Candyland. I told her we would put the baby to bed early and play. She decided to get the ball rolling. Okay Allie, it's story-time. She began reading her a story, stopped halfway through. Okay, Allie, its bedtime. Would you like your bottle? She began trying to force feed her.…


Dear Natalie: A Letter to My 4-Year-Old Daughter On Finding Love 

Look for the man with the hand. There will be men with passions, strong opinions on politics and fire in their eyes. Men with Kenneth Cole suits, or bands called Angry Artists in The Alley. Men named Tim who pick you up in expensive cars and take you to Mama Mexico for top-shelf tequila and guacamole and mariachi serenades. There will be men who write you songs, lay in your bed and tell you your hair is softer than their Ex's and all about her uni-brow. There will be men who drive you to tops of mountains or edges of the ocean and make you feel like you are truly alive. But look for the man with the hand.